About Dispatch

The Dispatch application is a web browser-based dispatch console solution for your desktop computer that integrates advanced location capabilities along with full push-to-talk functionality.

PTT Control & Status

Your on-screen push-to-talk button—just click and hold to talk and release to listen.

The talkgroup or person's name you're talking to is displayed on the far left and the active talker's name is displayed just to the left of the button.

The recording control button is on the left of the PTT button. To manually end a call, click the right mouse button and choose "End the call" option.

Monitored Talkgroups

Your monitored talkgroups are displayed here. Each monitored talkgroup displays a PTT button, a monitoring/scanning status indicator, and if another dispatcher is in an active call.

Clicking on indicators will display contextual menus allowing you to change settings and see current configurations.

A bar on the left edge changes color when there's activity on that talkgroup.

Enabling Talkgroup Scanning allows you to monitor your talkgroups in the order of priority you set.